Discover the Serene Simplicity of Scandinavian Interior Style

Discover the Serene Simplicity of Scandinavian Interior Style


Scandinavian interior style has been widely popular across the globe for quite some time now. It originated in the Scandinavian countries in the early 20th century and gained immense popularity due to its minimalistic yet practical approach towards design. The simplicity, functionality, and elegance of Scandinavian interiors are known to create a soothing and peaceful environment that celebrates nature, light, and the stunning beauty of the surrounding landscape. In this article, we will take a closer look at this iconic interior style, its features, and what makes it so unique that people worldwide are still so crazy about it.

Origins of Scandinavian Interior Style

Scandinavian interior style originated in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden in the early 20th century for practicality reasons. Due to their harsh and long winters, the designers opted for a minimalist approach to create bright and warm spaces, making the most of the limited daylight. Natural materials and simple colors became integral to the style.

The Scandinavian design philosophy is rooted in functionality, simplicity, and beauty. The designers wanted to create objects with a purpose so that they could perform a job diligently, with beauty being only a byproduct. The term lagom sums up this minimalist philosophy, translating as “just the right amount” or “not too little, not too much.” Simplistic designs, clean lines, and natural colors- white, cream, beige- became an essential part of the style.

Features of Scandinavian Interiors

The hallmark of Scandinavian interiors is their minimalism, and light brings a sense of peace and calm. The key features of Scandinavian interior styles are as follows:

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors such as whites, greys, and creams are popular in Scandinavian interiors. These colors provide a simple and unpretentious backdrop, allowing natural beauty such as woodgrain and vibrant plant colors to take center stage.

Natural Light and Light Colors

Scandinavian interiors are all about natural light, and that’s why they have large windows and light colors to create a sense of airiness in the room. Windows are kept uncovered or have light, airy curtains to let natural light flood in.

Beautiful Textures

It’s the little things that make Scandinavian interiors so special. Textural details like linen, wool, and sheepskin can be cozy and create subtle interest.

Functional Furniture

In Scandinavian interiors, multifunctional furniture is a crucial element. A table can quickly become a desk, and chairs can easily pull in to allow for more space. The minimalistic design philosophy delivers functional furniture pieces that perform a purpose.

Clean, Simple Lines

Clean, simple lines are integral to Scandinavian interiors. It provides a calm, relaxing environment and emphasizes comfort and function above all things. Light and airy spaces contain little ornamentation, relying instead on the beauty of clean, simple lines to add visual interest.

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