The Innovative Designs of Stefan Diez: Illuminating Spaces with Vibia

The Innovative Designs of Stefan Diez: Illuminating Spaces with Vibia


Stefan Diez is a German industrial designer known for his creativity and innovation in the field of lighting design. His designs have received numerous awards and have been featured in prestigious exhibitions around the world. Vibia, a Spanish lighting company, is one of his longstanding collaborators. Together, they have created a wide range of lighting products that have transformed interior spaces with their simplicity and elegance.

The Craft of Lighting Design

Stefan Diez is known for his unique approach to lighting design. He considers lighting to be a craft, rather than a technical discipline, and therefore his designs reflect the artistry and attention to detail associated with traditional craftsmanship. His designs often begin with the exploration of the shape and form of a material. For him, lighting design is about shaping and molding the light, creating a custom-made object that will produce a particular effect in a specific environment.

Innovative Designs

Stefan Diez is best known for his innovative lighting designs which often challenge the conventions of traditional lighting. He has created lighting installations that use incandescent bulbs, a technology that is normally phased out in favor of more energy-efficient alternatives. The result is lighting fixtures that have a warmth and organic feel to them, which other forms of lighting cannot achieve.

One of Stefan Diez’s most famous designs is the ‘North Lamp’ for Vibia, a design that establishes a new relationship between the user and the lighting fixture. The lamp is designed to be movable, allowing it to be a part of the spatial arrangement. This enhances the design’s utility while also making an artistic statement that adds value to the design.

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