Small living room design increases the sense of space

Small living room design increases the sense of space

The living room is the first space in the whole home that catches the eye, representing the overall style of the living room. Now the popular small-sized living rooms are relatively short, so what should be done when decorating? Make your small apartment decoration more personalized.

Simple decoration, reject complexity

The decoration style is simple, and the overall design is not complicated. Do not use too many decorations, so as to avoid the feeling of crowded and intricate space. If you want to highlight your personalization, you can also choose some simple decorative items and use them as embellishments.

Match colors to expand vision

The overall color matching of the space also follows the principle of simplicity. You can use black, white and gray as the main color, with some bright colors as embellishments, which can have the effect of visual enlargement and rich layers.


Lightweight furniture, neat and generous

Soft decoration is also one of the skills to expand the space. Choose lighter wooden furniture to visually increase the space. When choosing furniture, you can choose multi-functional furniture, which saves space and has various uses, which is neat and generous.

Enclosed balcony, enlarged area

The above three methods are to adjust the space perception visually. Closing the balcony can actually solve the small problem of the living room, connecting the balcony + living room together, and designing it into a multi-functional area, which is practical and convenient, and is suitable for families with a large population.


In addition to the four expansion techniques summarized above, you can also make adjustments in these places.

Lighting arrangement

Lighting design without main light: the living room with small space can choose the lighting without main light. In some key areas of the living room, the space can be lit with the lights of the area lighting to create a sense of spatial hierarchy.

Main light + auxiliary lighting: Use the main light with a strong sense of design as the main lighting, and assist some floor lamps, table lamps and other lamps to help create an atmosphere that is warm and comfortable.


Wall decoration

You can choose some frame paintings on the wall decoration, echoing the soft decoration of the home, visually forming a space depth, and also giving you a feeling of a larger space.

Common frame paintings: green plants, abstract, creative sketches, graffiti cartoons, etc.

Decoration is actually a kind of creation that continuously improves self-aesthetics. If you look at it more and combine your own situation, you will definitely get the effect that suits you.


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